Sunday, January 28, 2007

12/08/06: Ecumenism at Work!

Woo-hoo! Last night both of our churches, Lake Murray Evangelical Free Church and Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity, worked together! And it was the coolest thing ever! I'm still trying to believe it actually happened.

Several weeks ago after a Friday healing service, I was telling Father Acker about Lake Murray's monthly service at God's Extended Hand, a place that feeds the homeless both meals and the Gospel. He wanted his own church to do something like this -- to learn to serve despite their small size -- so I contacted Alan, who leads our Lake Murray homeless ministry. And he was cool with having the Alpine gang come alongside us to work together for the common good.

So last night the kids and I picked up Father, his wife Alice, and their neighbor, Martha, and we drove to downtown San Diego. It was wonderful to see Father Acker up there, playing guitar with the worship team. I read part of the sixth chapter of St. John's gospel to the crowd. Alice, Martha, and E, T, and J helped prepare and serve food, and B sat on my lap most of the time. My wheelchair was in the way a bit, but it all worked out.

The kids were reluctant about going at first, but once they were there, they had a great time. J was excited that he got to help with the chicken, and E was stirring pasta while T was doing a little of everything. Then they worked hard distributing the trays to everyone who came for the meal.

Seeing our two churches working together in a ministry project was too cool to describe!

Although I'm very tired and sore today from all the activity of the past few days (B's birthday, homeless ministry, etc.), I'm very glad we did it all, and I'm very glad to rest most of today.

And I will get to my Christmas cards sometime soon -- I promise!

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