Monday, January 29, 2007

1/13/07: Lazy Day....

After yesterday's incredibly busy day, today was a day to read in bed, surrounded by flannel sheets and watching snow flurries out the window. I curled up with and finished Anne Perry's latest Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mystery: Seven Dials.

Covering Victorian-era London society, these mysteries are a wonderful escape, especially since Thomas was sent to exotic Alexandria to pursue clues regarding the latest murder. These books are exactly the right ones to enjoy on a cold, cloudy, snow-flurry Saturday when one has nothing else to do but a little (or a LOT) of laundry. A few patches of snow remain on the ground from a dusting of snow this morning, and today's high was 39; the low tonight isforecast for *12* -- a wee bit cold for Southern California! In fact, if the temperature dips that low, we'll have a new record low for our five years in the mountains.

So if you're a mystery buff and haven't yet explored the world of Anne Perry, I can recommend a real treat for you! Don't miss this series which now spans 12-15 titles.

And I have two more Anne Perry books lined up for me: short Christmas novellas that center on Lady Vespasia in her prime. I can't wait to dive into them, especially since we have a forecast for VERY cold temperatures over the next few days. Flannel sheets, here I come!

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