Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Magnetic Poetry

Yesterday I pulled out our Magnetic Poetry set and sat down on the rug, spreading out words like "gorgeous," "knife," "dream," "blood," and "symphony." J made up a story using all the gory words, while T made up a poem about cooking chocolate and sausages.

I made up a couple of poems with the magnetic poetry set:

behind this white winter I sag
crying after the whisper
of our delicate eternity.
falling from essential beauty
to blow near the purple moment --
a garden still must elaborate.

one thousand tiny summers
beneath a symphony of sweet rain --
who would see life and death?
but time only
stares you deliriously
as a vision
to be gifted.

They don't make much sense, but it's fun to arrange words on the board, playing with sound and meaning. The boys enjoyed their impromptu writing class today -- not having to worry about spelling, and I enjoyed helping them find words that expressed what they wanted to say.

A fun writing day all around!

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