Sunday, January 28, 2007

11/28/06: Super Tuesday

Today was Super Tuesday, as my friend Sheri calls it: the day I spend most of the day "down the hill," as we mountain dwellers phrase it.

This was my schedule today:

Leave home at 8:45 AM with three boys in tow; E goes to work with Keith. All have all their school materials for the day, along with sack lunches I packed at o-dark-hundred.

Bible study at Lake Murray at 9:30 -- Judges 11-12.

Leave study early for oral surgery follow-up appointment at 11:30.

Take boys to Keith's office where we do spelling, and B and I work on his phonics and grammar. They eat lunch, Johanna comes to tutor E in algebra, and I finally take off.

Chelation from 1:00 - 2:30.

Back to Keith's office to read Bible and history to boys, and then take T and B with me to see my chiropractor at 3:00.

Quick stop by Trader Joe's for necessary groceries (and organic chocolate!)

T to optometrist at 3:45. We find out that he has an eye condition called Esophoria. His eyes are over-focusing during reading, so he has a set of eye exercises to do daily and reading glasses were ordered.

I was planning on a nap at my friend Kitty's home, but the eye appt. took so long that I missed my nap. Had a quick chat with her as I drove back to Keith's office.

Took T and B back to Keith's office so I could pick up E. She changed quickly into her dress for Cotillion. From the car (God bless cell phones!) we called ahead for Pick Up Stix and ate orange peel chicken with brown rice at the restaurant after a minimal wait. Left at 6:15 PM.

Got her to Cotillion in Banker's Hill (near Balboa Park) fifteen minutes early. Class goes from 7:00 - 8:15. She danced; I tried not to fall asleep.

Drove home after Cotillion; got into town at 9:00 in time for House, but dropped E off to check on how the Holiday Arts Faire put on by the Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council went. Saw Judith and Denise and the crew -- all went extremely well. A huge success!!!

Came home at 9:20, watched House and then NCIS, which Keith so kindly recorded for us.

But the big highlight to my day was receiving a new book from Fern, the wife of my chiropractor. It's called Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation, by Martin Laird. Fern works at a Christian radio station, and they often get books to preview/review. So she passed this one on to me, and it sure is up my cup o' tea. I read some at the optometrist's office and more at Cotillion -- I think I can recommend it already. It definitely parallels the talk I gave last spring for our ladies' retreat. Deep stuff here, and in the first few pages, the author has already quoted St. John of the Cross several times. My fave.

So after a busy, busy Super Tuesday that allowed for little silence and contemplation, a book on that precise subject slowed me down a bit, allowed me to ponder and chew on things above, rather than earthly things.

And that was more welcome than I can express.

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