Sunday, January 28, 2007

12/21/06: Ick! Ick! Ick!!!!

I'm coming down with a nasty cold! It's a mere four days until Christmas, and I'm sucking down the Cold Eeze, spraying cherry-flavored Chloraseptic down my throat, blowing my nose into the handiest Kleenex, and resting in bed as much as possible.

I had plans today to clean the kitchen which will have to be caught up with later. My messy desk, backed up against the fridge (where I am currently sitting) is the biggest problem; I'll try to get to it tomorrow after getting home from Alpine Anglican's service, seeing my chiropractor, filling my pain prescription, and grocery shopping for Christmas Eve with Keith's family here and the pies we're bringing for Christmas Day with my family up the mountain.

I may just end up crawling back into bed when I get home tomorrow, but I hope I can at least tidy up my messy corner before nap time.

Today all I did was do laundry and take the kids to the library. At the latter, I returned my Cliff Janeway mysteries (very cool -- I enjoyed all five greatly) and picked up Chocolat to watch tonight with E as we must do something with no Survivor on tonight. T checked out more bird books so he can use the pictures as models for his owl watercolor series. J returned a cool pirate book, and B picked it right back up again. The boys also got some Bionicle, Lego, and Anasi books to read.

So I'm heading back to bed to continue rereading Dorothy Sayers' Nine Tailors. It was a wonderful read about a year ago, and I'm only up to reading something light and fun. Perhaps in the New Year I'll start biting off some of my theological books I've been collecting this year, books on Christian mysticism, Merton, contemplative prayer, etc. I just need a clear brain to attempt these, something I don't have when on these pain meds.

Got Kleenex? Check. Cold Eeze? Check. Throat spray? Check.

Okay, ready for bed. And I hope and pray I can shake this oncoming cold and be well and ready to celebrate Christ's birth with dear family and friends!

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