Sunday, January 28, 2007

11/26/06: A Banner Birthday

Today, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated Keith's dad's 75th birthday party in Ramona. Karla (Keith's younger sister), Jim, and their three girls were out from Arizona, and some of Dad's cousins came from 600 miles away to celebrate with us.

For Keith and I, we had the most enjoyment with Scott and Mary, who are very dear to us. Keith first met them when he was in high school, when Scott was his photography teacher at Christian High. When Scott left the job, Keith took it over while attending Christian Heritage College. Scott and Mary also were our wedding photographers, and they also photographed weddings for my brother and sister, for Keith's brother and one sister (Karla was the only sibling not to use them), for Karen's (Keith's older sister) daughter's wedding, and for some friends at church. Beyond that, they sold us our first dachshund puppy, Pipsqueek, known as Pip, over 15 years ago. We ended up giving Pip back to them five years ago when B's allergies were such that we couldn't keep him. We ran into Mary at Taco Bell a few weeks ago, and she told us that Pip had passed away just a few days before last Christmas, just shy of his 15th birthday on January 10.

Last fall, not wanting to deprive Scott and Mary of Pip, we acquired Dashwood (Dash) from one of Keith's clients who lost their home in the Cedar Fire of 2003. Yes, another red shorthair miniature dachshund -- still a puppy in many ways, and the love of E's life.

Anyway, visiting with Scott and Mary is always lovely -- and it was today as well.

I asked Dad, usually a shy and retiring guy, how he enjoyed his day today. And he said that he had thoroughly enjoyed the party, surrounded by family, dear friends, and pastors, both present and past.

Thanksgiving on Thursday was a bit more somber, in a way. Yes, we were still in Ramona at Kevin (Keith's younger brother) and Renee's home, right next door to Dad's place. (Kevin built his place first, then they all pitched in to build a place for their parents, but Mom passed away before moving in to the new place.) After a great meal, Dad called all the girls, including all the girl cousins except the two youngest (ages 2 and 4) over to his place to choose through Mom's jewelry. E got some nice pieces to remind her of her paternal grandmother, and I was given Mom's watch, which caused a few tears to well up in my eyes.

We took so much time with Dad that we ended up not playing games as usual, although I had brought over Apples to Apples, our favorite game.

It's been a busy few days, and I definitely had to rest up yesterday between the two busy days of Thanksgiving and Dad's party. So yesterday I stayed in bed all day, resting up and reading mysteries. And I may have to do that again tomorrow after church so I'll have the strength to homeschool again on Monday. But them's the breaks with the autoimmune disorders I have....

So, off to worship tomorrow -- and may God bless YOU with His goodness, mercy, and grace. And GO CHARGERS!

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