Sunday, January 28, 2007

11/16/06: And the Winner Is....

Emmitt!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I am so thrilled! Way to go, Emmitt and Cheryl!

I had tried to vote for Emmitt and Cheryl last night, but I had forgotten my password, and ABC didn't send it to me until tonight, about 24 hours too late.

Congratulations, Emmitt and Cheryl! You rock!!

And isn't it the ugliest trophy you've ever seen?

"Dancing with the Stars" is something the whole family can watch, except for some of the female's costumes. J (nine years old) mentioned tonight that Cheryl's dress for the samba is "inappropriate." Nice vocab for the kid, but I do wish that a leetle less skin was evident.

But it's thanks to this show that E has started her Cotillion course which includes ballroom dancing. They are still working on the waltz, and my dad has agreed to be her partner for the Holiday Ball next month as Keith knows nothing about dancing. So Dad's breaking out his tux and black tie, while we need to make a jacket to go with E's sweeping burgundy gown.

She is a "Star" in our book, and "Dancing with the Stars" has revealed a talent in her that we're glad to help her express.

And every teenaged girl wants to be a princess for a night.

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