Sunday, January 28, 2007

11/11/06: An Autumn Day in the Mountains

Today is one of the first days that have truly felt like autumn. It was more than the yellow apple leaves skirting the knarled tree by the front porch. It was more than the frost-deadened annuals in my flower garden. The skies were cloudy for the first time in months, and the scent of wood smoke from neighboring chimneys greeted me as I stepped onto the porch.

As I watered what little is left of my flower garden (it has been 80 degrees all week), I gloried in the 60-degree weather, complete with crisp winds tousling my hair. Finally ... FALL! About time.

Tonight T built our first fire in the wood stove as the temperatures crept down into the low 40s, with frost expected again tonight. Adding pine cones to old oak from our own trees, T did well with the fire for an eleven-year-old. We'll curl up on the sofa and continue with reading aloud Behind Rebel Lines, part of our Civil War study. Or perhaps we'll watch Back to the Future which is on TV tonight.

Despite the calendar that tells us that fall started nearly two months ago, there's simply nothing like the first really, truly, day of autumn.

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