Sunday, January 28, 2007

12/14/06: Who Will Survive?

It's that time of year again -- Survivor Finale Time!

I was disappointed to see Parvati leave, although I really could have done without the nude jacuzzi scene....

Her smile, her being the underdog much of the time, and her surprising agility in the challenges seemed to make up for her flirtiness and her scheming.

I was even more thrilled when Jonathan the jerk went home last week. Gosh, it was about time! Argh! What a horrid guy, especially after his food purchases, going around the camp burping obnoxiously into everyone's faces. Ick, ick!

But my favorite is Ozzy. He is simply amazing in agility, skill, and friendliness. He's come back from the edge a couple of times already in the game, and his kindness and friendliness combine to make him my favorite. I wouldn't mind if Yul won, or even Becky, but not Adam or Sondra. Adam was willing to let Parvati go without a fight, besides being just a selfish dude in general, and he definitely needs to get back to his sweetie, Candance. Sundra seems to be just riding on her alliance's coat tails, not really adding anything to the game. Becky is a strategizer, so I feel that her planning with Yul justifies her being in the finals.

Having five in the finals is a difference from the earlier Survivors. So I'm looking forward greatly to the finals on Sunday night.

And I'm cheering on Ozzy. And I won't mind much if Yul or Becky win. As long as it's NOT Adam!

GO OZZY! GO! Woo-hoo!!!!

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