Monday, January 29, 2007

12/30/06: Saint John, Apostle and Martyr

On the Third Day of Christmas, December 27, St. John is celebrated. Through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, St. John wrote not only his gospel, but also three epistles and the Revelation given to him by God. He was on of the iside circle of apostles, present at the Transfiguration of Christ, and he referred to himself repeatedly in his gospel as the "disciple whom Jesus loved."

In the Scripture readings to commemorate this day, we are told to read St. John's first Epistle, starting at the first verse of the first chapter, and St. John's gospel, the twenty-first chapter, starting at the nineteenth verse.

The Collect for the 27th day of December (1928 BCP) reads thus:

Merciful Lord, we beseech thee to cast thy bright beams of light upon thy Church, that it, being illumined by the doctrine of thy blessed Apostle and Evangelist Saint John, may so walk in the light of thy truth, that it may at length attain to life everlasting; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

May God empower us to love as St. John loved, to see as he saw, and to spread the gospel of Good News as he so faithfully did.

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