Monday, January 29, 2007

1/21/07: And Now Recovering from My Busy Week....

My busy week ended up with a not-busy weekend in which I either stayed in bed or wished I had. The doctor I saw on Wednesday thinks I may have Addison's Disease, which means that my body isn't making as much cortisol (from the adrenal glands) as it should. I have a note to take to Dr. Adema about starting me on a trial dosage of cortisol to see if it helps. I sure hope something helps because I hate wasting my entire weekend in bed.

Well, at least I started and finished an excellent and thought-provoking book yesterday: Plague Journal, by Michael O'Brien. His "Children of the Last Days" series is extremely well-written, emotional, exciting, and terrifying. I finished reading the book in full-on sob mode, probably brought on not only by the final betrayal of the book but also by my not feeling well. The order of the series is confusing because O'Brien didn't write them in chronological order. If you are interested in reading the series, do it in this order: Strangers and Sojourners, Plague Journal, Eclipse of the Sun, and then the final three (Father Elijah, Sophia House, and Cry of Stone) may be read in any order. I've now read the first three of the series and am completely hooked. I read Eclipse first, before I realized the true order of the series, then S&S. And I read PJ pretty much in one day. Thought-provoking stuff in the end-times genre, with a Canadian and Catholic twist.

I've never read "The Left Behind" series, mostly because I don't ascribe to La Haye's rapture theory and don't care much for his style of writing, having read some of his non-fiction. But "The Children of the Last Days" series totally eclipses (pun intended) anything that La Haye can put out there. So beautifully written, so expertly developed, so real that you forget your own reality and merge into O'Brien's. I've rarely read books so disturbing yet so compelling. I do recommend them wholeheartedly.

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