Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bono and the Journey

When I entered the chiropractor's office this afternoon, Dana handed me a flyer for a special event at her church, Journey Community Church in La Mesa. Journey is one of those mega-churches that I tend not to like, but I've appreciated their approach to liturgy and art. For the past few years, I've attended their Stations of the Cross, which was very multi-sensory, with a gavel one can pound, perfume to smell, a stamp for our hands that we used as we left: "paid in full." And a prayer circle made up of pillows surrounded by candles everywhere. It was simply lovely -- so deep and meaningful. A few years ago we also attended their Good Friday service in which Old Masters' renditions of the crucifixion were displayed across huge screens at the beginning of the service -- I loved that! But the church was SO big that I felt squished and almost nervous; I much prefer small, intimate churches where everyone knows us.

Last year when I went to pray at the San Diego Mission de Alcala, the first church established in California by Father Serra, I saw a flyer for a pro-life walk with three Catholic churches involved, plus Journey Community Church. I love that Journey was willing to work with a bunch of Catholic churches -- so cool. I love ecumenism -- that's the way Christianity should be, IMHO.

Anyway, at their Friday night service and both Sunday services, Journey is hosting "an exclusive videocast interview with Bill Hybels" -- and he's interviewing ... BONO! The theme is "The Priority of the Poor," a topic dear to my heart. I'm very impressed with the coolness of this videocast and the poor. To quote Bono, "Woo-hoo!" I think that E and I will try to attend the Friday night service since we'll be "down the hill" for a field trip that afternoon anyway.

So I look forward to the "Journey" with Bono. How very cool!

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