Saturday, January 27, 2007

Aaaah, It IS Possible!

To post my own pictures here to this blog! Yay! I definitely had the knack of doing so from online sites (Amazon, etc.), but not from our home pictures. So I think that this blog site is a KEEPER!

Below you will see E dancing with Travis at her Winter Ball for her Junior Cotillion course. Later in the evening she waltzed with my dad, who partnered her for the Father-Daughter Dance. Keith, bless his heart, does not care to dance, much less waltz in public (and the man refuses to wear a suit, not that he even owns one). So he made (yes, as in SEWED) E's velvet bolero-style jacket to match her satin gown and allowed my dad, who owns his tux, to do the honors on the dance floor.

I have promised to post this picture to so many people, so now HERE IT IS:

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Carol said...

Welcome aboard! I have been on blogger since the Fall of 2004. Other than somehow losing my whole first three months of posts, it has been a GREAT blog site. They continue to improve the features, and it gets better and better to be here.
It is even better since you are here because it is easier to check your blog!


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