Monday, January 29, 2007


Here's E's photo that got buried when I reposted my old blog. She's waltzing with Travis here at the Winter Ball. Keith made the velvet jacket, and we found the dress at Ross for $20. A friend from church did her hair in a French braided up-do, and my dad partnered her for the parent-student dance.

Now in class she's learning the East Coast Swing in preparation for the Sock Hop and Spring Dance, both of which will be in March. She's so enjoying this class, even if she has to wear gloves for the class period.

For the first half of each class, the students hear a quick lecture on etiquette and manners, like RSVP and introducing oneself, and then they proceed into the dining room for their table settings/manners portion of the lesson. The last 45 minutes of the class is devoted to dancing.

The swing is proving a bit more difficult than the waltz, but it sure is more fun! The setting for the course is lovely: The San Diego Women's Club, a 1920s era building in Banker's Hill, where my great-great grandmother was active in the early 1930s.

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Anonymous said...

aww, she's so beautiful!


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