Sunday, January 28, 2007

8/13/06: Finally Caving In

This is the first of my old posts from homeschoolblogger:

So I have finally caved in to the idea of a BLOG after spending (wasting? -- naaah!) some time this past week examining the BLOGs of friends. I was most impressed with Tia's -- her BLOG was kept very up-to-date with postings every other day or so, and her thoughts leapt out of the page so beautifully that I simply had to try.

Technological nincompoop that I am, I will have to wait until Keith gets home from his vacation before attempting the avatar and other photographic uploadings that make so many BLOGs so wonderfully rich. Alas, I am a writer, and truly don't feel the least that I belong in this century of technological advancement. What I yearn for is a feather trimmed just so, a bottle of sienna ink, and rich creamy paper to write upon (and on which to vainly admire my handwriting). But I suppose that a BLOG is the next best thing, what?

I'm admitting right now to being on a Dorothy Sayers and P.G. Wodehouse kick, so please humour my oh-so-British spellings and slang as I struggle to NOT sound too much like Bertie Wooster or Lord Peter Wimsey. I imagine it shall be a losing battle, so ... WHAT HO! (Now, sounding like Harriet Vane will be ever so slightly more acceptable, eh?)

Today the kids and I headed off to church fifteen minutes early and caught the service at Alpine Anglican Church of the Blessed Trinity. Keith isn't a liturgy fan, and since he's away on vacation, I thought it would be nice to attend a Sunday morning service of the Anglican persuasion, having only attended once when he and all assorted small fry were ill. The kids liked it; even little B told me he "loved it all, especially the snacks" as we drove down the hill towards La Mesa and Lake Murray EV Free, our church of the past thirteen years. I truly think that I need both churches, and my preference is for the arrangement we have for now: Friday Mornings at Victoria Chapel with Father Acker, and then Sunday School at Lake Murray with William our fearless adult Sunday School teacher, followed by more modern worship (with a hymn or two, please!) and a meaty sermon. Somehow the liturgy of Friday frees my soul to soar on Sundays. So although I'm still planning another Sunday trip to Alpine Anglican next week, overall I'm fairly well pleased over the present balanced arrangement.

It's funny, though -- I see our evangelical church becoming more liturgical. Today Pastor Steve started with a responsive reading of Psalm 25, and he finished with the Scriptural blessing from Nehemiah that I love. So there's a lot of rock 'n' roll in between; at least we had a hymn and a taste of liturgy. And the Anglican church has Rick Warren's books available to check out. Both churches seem to be on the path to meeting in the middle somehow.

And the "meeting in the middle" gives me hope for unity in the Church.

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