Sunday, January 28, 2007

11/13/06: Who Will It Be Now?

Since I won't be home tomorrow at all, I thought I'd post Tuesday's entry today.

And it's all about the dancing, darling.

Who will win "Dancing with the Stars"? I know that Mario is the inside favorite to win. And don't get me wrong -- he is amazing. Versatile, risk-taking, and with electric hips, he can dance a firestorm across that wooden floor. He is practically perfect in every way.

And that's why I want Emmitt to win.

Emmitt has come a long way, baby. From an NFL football player to a dancing dynamo, I feel that Emmett has made a far more difficult transition than Mario has. Emmett makes that huge running-back-shaped body do amazing moves. He takes so much joy in the process ... I just love him.

So, here's hoping for Emmitt to win (and for Cheryl to win back-to-back championships herself), while knowing full well that Mario probably will walk off with the distinction of being named Champion of "Dancing with the Stars" (with the ugliest trophy in existence).

See how "fluffy" this blog can be?

Oxyclean, anyone?

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